Do I need a lawyer to get workers’ compensation benefits?

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Whenever you have an injury related to your job or even a work-related disease it could drastically impact your ability to work. Injuries at work can cause damage to your body that can be temporary, or they can permanently impair your ability to function as you did before the injury. Having any sort of disruption in work activity can cause problems with your pay and being able to handle regular day to day expenses.

1. How to get workers’ compensation benefits?

There is a process for filing workers’ compensation benefits. Notify your workplace of the injury as soon as possible. There will need to be a claim filed for workers’ compensation. A doctor that can treat the injury will need to be contacted so that adequate treatment can be given. Make sure to set up any additional appointments that may be necessary for future or continued treatment. Records will need to be kept of all appointments, prescriptions, missed work hours, personal property loss, paperwork, prescription costs, and medical bills.

2. When should you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

If your employer denies that the incident happened, will not pay your medical bills, has not paid you for any time that you have missed work, or you cannot return to work without being impaired in some way, it is time to contact a workers’ compensation attorney. However, since state laws are constantly changing, hiring a lawyer as soon as possible will only be helpful to you throughout the entire process.  An attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation will be able to help from the very beginning of the process just after the injury occurred.

3. Request a consultation with an attorney in southeastern Washington

Requesting a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney in southeastern Washington doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  Most workers’ compensation attorneys will meet with you for a consultation at no obligation. Contact an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation benefits since they will be the most knowledgeable with current up to date laws and filings.  They should be able to keep everything on track when filing the claim.